GTS 20/25/30/33

Diesel/LPG Forklifts

Diesel or LPG engine
Pneumatic or Superelastic Tyre Lift Truck

GTS 20 4,000 lbs 2000 kg at 500mm

GTS 25 5,000 lbs 2500 kg at 500mm

GTS 30 6,000 lbs 3000 kg at 500mm

GTS 33 6,600 lbs 3300 kg at 500mm

Rugged Durability, High Performance, Extreme Environments, Demanding Applications

The GTS series is designed to tackle any task placed in its path. Almost maintenance free wet disc brakes (enclosed and oil ensure the best possible brake performance. Compared to drum brakes 50% less pedal effort is needed – a real advantage for long shift applications. Many different cabin versions are available, in this way GTS series can be individually equipped to be for any application.


Easily Serviceable, Extremely Dependable, Extremely Durable

The CLARK GTS Series (GTS 20-33) impresses by a solid construction and high quality components. Offering a wet disc brake and a
split transmission as a high quality standard this series is extremely reliable and durable. At the same time, the total cost of ownership
(TCO) is significantly reduced, as greatly reduced brake maintenance is required. The GTS20-33 CLARK is designed for distribution,
manufacturing and warehousing of all types.

Almost maintenance free wet disc brakes

  • Enclosed and oil cooled for smooth operation =

  • Reduction in brake pedal effort – up to 50% compared to drum brakes.

  • Less lower maintenance costs compared to drum brakes, less downtime


Split transmission

  • Significantly reduced vibrations for the driver

  • Provides a more pleasant and smoother ride

  • Driver fatigue is also greatly reduced, resulting in a significant increase in productivity.


Protected front lights

  • For high productivity

  • Prevents potential damage

  • Optional LED-version for best illumination


Hood mounted levers

  • Ergonomic design for improved performance.


The large operator compartment´s, hood mounted hydraulic control levers, and seating are designed to maximize operator comfort, easily accommodates up to ninetyfive percentile of the world’s adult population.

Nested upright rails provide positive rail interlock and a narrow “column” to maximize the vision window. The overhead guard safety bars run parallel to the operator’s line of sight resulting in a clear, unobstructed view. Hydraulic cushioning valves provide silent staging of the rails to reduce shock during both lifting and lowering.

Smooth Control + Easy Operation =
Operator Confidence & Optimum Comfort


  • Neutral start: If the gear lever is not positioned in neutral, the engine will not start.

  • Tilt lock valve: Prevents the accidental forward tilting of the mast while engine is switched off.

  • Gas springs with automatic lock: Prevents accidental closure of hood.

  • Safety valve: Prevents accidental uncontrolled mast lowering in the event of oil pressure hose damage.

  • Forward and reverse travel is not possible whilst the parking brake is in the on position.


Hydraulic System

  • Maximum Horsepower: Uses a load-sensing flow control valve for steering to reduce horsepower loss and heat buildup.

  • Optimum Performance of Attachments: The main hydraulic valve incorporates adjustable flow controls for tilt and auxiliary functions.

  • Sectional Design: Allows for easy addition of extra functions and simplifies service.

  • Upright Mounted Load Lowering Valve: Controlled lowering speed independent of load speed.


Mitsubishi LPG Engine (2.3L, 51.6kW)

  • The highly fuel-efficient Mitsubishi 4G64 LPG engine is fitted with a PSI LPG system providing an extremely high degree of reliability and excellent performance.

Smooth running Yanmar diesel engine (3.0L, 34,2kW)

  • Ensures high power and torque.

  • Low fuel consumption.

  • Low maintenance costs.

  • Powerful acceleration and exceptionally comfortable smooth driving experience.

  • Meets all EU exhaust gas emission (Stage IIIA).

Isuzu Diesel Engine (2.1L, 46kW)

  • Meets all EU exhaust gas emission (Stage IIIB).

  • Diesel Oxidation catalyst (DOC).

Yanmar diesel engine (3.3L, 44kW)

  • Only for countries without EU diesel emission regulation.


Rugged Design

  • Linkage pivot pins have a “double shear” design to withstand impact without loosening or breaking.

  • Solid push rods guarantee trouble-free applications even under tough conditions.


I-Channel Construction

  • Maximizes visibility and stability, allows for internal hosing and wiring.

  • Six carriage rollers and two side-thrust rollers minimize deflection and sideplay, reduce roller contact stress and extend component life.

  • Hydraulic cushioning valves provide silent staging of the rails to reduce shock during both lifting and lowering.

Shimmable, sealed & canted load rollers

  • Maximize load distribution & reduce free play.



  • Monitors condition and controlls functions of the truck system.

  • Controls neutral starting and prevents cranking while the engine is running.

LCD Display

  • Hourmeter and maintenance interval are displayed on the LCD screen.

LED Lights Indicate

  • Transmission temperature

  • Engine oil pressure

  • Alternator charge

  • Fuel system malfunction

  • Park brake applied

  • Maintenance required

  • Seat belt warning

Push Switches

  • Headlight and optional worklights are controlled with push switches.


Fully adjustable CLARK seat

  • Ergonomically designed seat cushion.

  • Adjustable to operator’s weight.

  • Safety belt also in Orange (optional).

Further seat options

  • Comfortable folding armrests.

  • Additonal hiprest (simplifies operator access).

Thick molded floor mat

  • Reduces vibration and noise level.

  • Improves operator comfort.

Tilt Steering Column

  • Optimal adaptation to the user possible.

Hood mounted levers

  • Ergonomic design for improved performance

Available Equipment

  • Mirrors

  • Sideshifters

  • Strobe lights

  • Backup alarm

  • Rear work light

  • Auxiliary valves

  • Wide drive tyres

  • Turn signal lights

  • Hose adaptations

  • Combination lights

  • Tyre options

  • Hydraulic control options

  • Suspension seat, (vinyl or cloth)

  • Swing-down LPG tank bracket

  • LED lights

  • Various cabin versions

Note: “Photos and illustrations are based on information at time of printing and are subject to change without notice. Some products may be shown with optional equipment. Model assumption detail variations are possible.”