GEX 16/18/20s

Elektric Forklifts

Electric four-wheel forklift


GEX 16, 1600 kg

GEX 18, 1800 kg

GEX 20s, 2000 kg

Highly compact, easy to maneuver and maintain and extremely reliable

Even wet, uneven ground and work in the smallest spaces are not a problem for the trucks of the GEX16-20s series. A number of options, such as different cabs or mini-levers, ensure that you will always have the right vehicle for your working conditions.

Ergonomic and Easy operation concept

Controlled driving due to easy vehicle operation
Automotive pedal layout
Easy entry due to low foot step
Easy entry and exit from both sides
Ergonomic positioning of the control levers on the hood
Optional: mini-lever control

Heavy duty AC drive motors

The twin 4.4 kw traction motors with parallel front wheel drive and 48 V three-phase AC technology lead to excellent acceleration and high final travel speed.
Enclosed Motors
Few replacement parts
Overheat protection


Speed regulation in curves

Automatic deceleration when cornering

Steering system

Depending on the steering angle, the speed and rotation of the front wheels are controlled such that excessive tyre wear is reduced

Robust upright and fork carriage structure

Maximum visibility
Hydraulically damped lift cylinders
Low-noise lifting hydraulics
Reduced vibrations
Adjustable canted load rollers
Optimum load distribution
Robust 6-roller fork carriage

Productivity and energy efficiency

Customized programming of truck operation
Maximum adjustment to suit each work situation
Large clear display
All settings and functions at a glance—adjustable without special software

Easy maintenance

The rear cover can be easily removed
Easy access for servicing
On-board diagnostics via error codes without sophisticated service tools

Standard Equipment

Wet Disc Brakes
Tilt Steer Column
101° Steer Axle GEX
Regenerative Braking
Superelastic Tyres
Hood Mounted Levers
Vinyl Full Suspension Seat
Hydrostatic Power Steering
Power Reversing Drive Motors
OHG Mounted 12 Volt Head Lights
Programmable, LCD Dash Display
Turn signal lamp (front)
Back-up alarm

Optional Equipment

Side battery removal w/ Rollers
Hi-Lo and Triplex uprights
Double Aux Valves
Cold Storage with Heaters
Cloth Full Suspension Seat
Various Cab-Versions
Fork positioner