WSX 12/14

WSX 12/14

AC 24V

WSX 12 2,400 lbs 1200 kg

WSX 14 2,800 lbs 1400 kg

100% Precise and Ergonomic Operation

SAll functions for lifting and lowering are integrated in an ergonomic tiller head. This enables precise, accurate and safe material handling. In addition a 4-point-wheel-configuration on all CLARK stacker trucks ensures the best residual capacity and stability even with maximum lift heights.
SX uprights have outstanding visibility. With an optimal wide rail configuration, CLARK provides the best possible fork visibility.
With widths of 480 mm on the Standard upright and 390 mm on the Triplex, this allows for precise handling and increases safety during the transportation of goods.

Manoeuvrability + Compact Dimensions =
High Productivity & Availability

WSX12/14 Benefits

The high lift stacker trucks WSX12 and WSX14 are suited for short distance use wherever goods need to be transported up to a lifting height of 4800 mm. The compact dimensions of the WSX12 and WSX14 facilitate safe handling and are also well suited for narrow aisle use.
When loads are being lifted, the CLARK SpeedControl safety function adapts the speed in relation to the tiller arm position which increases safety.
A further highlight of the WSX12/14 is the standard side battery removal system, allowing for quick battery change.

General Data

  • Reliable low-maintenance AC traction motor

  • Two speed fork lowering

  • Steel fabricated battery box cover

CLARK SpeedControl (CSC)

The series standard safety SpeedControl function aids manoeuvring and is ideal for working in confined areas.
The automatic set maximum travel speed is dependent on the tiller arm position.
When the tiller arm is positioned in area (S), the CLARK SpeedControl adjusts travel speed, resulting in optimum safety and quick response.
With the tiller arm in the normal travel position (K), maximum travel speed is set.
Braking is initiated as soon as the tiller arm is in range (B).
All parameters can be individually adjusted to customer requirements.

Drive and Battery Options

  • Tandem load wheel (Polyurethane)

  • Battery discharge indicator

  • Side battery removal

  • Battery compartment sizes 195Ah or 225Ah


  • Key switch activation

  • Automatic travel speed adjustment (with elevated loads)

  • CLARK SpeedControl (CSC)

  • Automatic lift stop (at max. lift)

  • Automatic parking brake

  • Comfort and safety tiller

  • Control of all drive commands left- and right-handed