WPX 18

AC 24V

WPX 18 - 1,8t capacity

WPX 18 3,600 lbs 1800 kg

Electric Low Lift Trucks WPX18

Thanks to the AC drive technology, powerful acceleration and the CLARK SafetySpeed (CSC) system, the WPX18 optimizes material handling.

Optimally adjusted side support rollers improve lateral stability when turning corners and the climbing power for gradients up to 6% provides increased flexibility.

The WPX18 is equipped with maintenance-free block batteries and an integrated charger. The one piece front cover allows for easy access during service and maintenance work.

General Data

  • Powerful maintenance-free AC drive technology 1.1kW motor.

  • The compact chassis width of just 645 mm makes the 1.8t low lift truck extremely flexible.

  • Increased safety from the CLARK SpeedControl (CSC).

    Automatic maximum operation speeds dependent from tiller arm position.


  • Perfectly suited for easy use in warehouse goods transportation.

  • Specially developed for use on level grounds.

Performance & Safety

  • From AC technology powerful acceleration with a 1.1kW output motor (WPX18).

  • Automatic stop on gradients and ramps (automatic parking brake).

  • Activation via key switch.

  • Ergonomic safety tiller handle.

  • Increased foot protection with just 35 mm ground clearance.

  • Small turning radius.

  • Extreme compact construction.

Reliability & Easy Servicing

  • The integrated battery charger can be used with every standard 230V socket.

  • Maintenance-free block batteries.

  • One piece front cover for easy access during service and maintenance work.

Safety & Ergonomics

  • Suspension support wheels for greater stability.

  • Series standard tandem load rollers.

  • Tiller head integrated drive and operating switches with easy reach positions.

  • Clearly positioned battery discharge indicator.

  • Optional weighing scale allowing the load to be weighed and transported at the same time (WP15).