SX 12-16

SX 12

1,2t capacity

Max lift: 5,210 mm

Warehouse trucks in Built To Last © design

With the electric pallet truck PX20 and our stacker trucks SX12 and SX16 CLARK, The inventor of the forklift presents strong and reliable warehouse trucks according to the well known “Built To Last-Philosophy”©.
This means the Clark design provides the user with robust and long lasting electric stacker and pallet trucks. Whether for loading and unloading of vehicles or heavy material handling in the warehouse, CLARK warehouse trucks are made for tough applications and can be equipped with batteries up to 375Ah. The optional side battery removal enables these trucks to be used in two or three-shift applications.

100% precise and ergonomic operation.

All functions for lifting and lowering are controlled by a newly developed ergonomic tiller arm. For the operator this means more time to focus on the application.
The precise proportional control of the hydraulic lift on SX12 and SX16 offers a safe, precise and accurate positioning of the goods onto warehouse racking.

Outstanding view through the SX-Upright

By extra wide upright rails the best possible visibility though our uprights could be realized. 480mm on Standard uprights and 390mm on Triplex uprights. This allows for precise handling and increases safety during transportation of goods.
The option „Initial-Lift“ gives the SX trucks the ability to operate on uneven grounds and on small ramps . In addition it allows to SX trucks to carry two pallet loads at the same time.

Power full and compact:

PX and SX models are fitted with solid forks for a long live time.
The tiller arm is fitted in central position to enable an optimum maneuverability.