WS 10

WS 10

100% Precise and Ergonomic Operation

SAll functions for lifting and lowering are integrated in an ergonomic tiller head. This enables precise, accurate and safe material handling. In addition a 4-point-wheel-configuration on all CLARK stacker trucks ensures the best residual capacity and stability even with maximum lift heights.
SX uprights have outstanding visibility. With an optimal wide rail configuration, CLARK provides the best possible fork visibility.
With widths of 480 mm on the Standard upright and 390 mm on the Triplex, this allows for precise handling and increases safety during the transportation of goods.

Manoeuvrability + Compact Dimensions =
High Productivity & Availability


  • Suitable for low intensity applications.

  • Optimum starter unit in the high lift stacker market.

  • Easy flexible manoeuvrability.

  • 2.2kW output powerful lift motor.


  • Simple operator control implementation.

  • Driving speed adjustment from 500 mm lifting height.

  • Automatic release tiller arm position for cushioned reverse and neutral breaking.

  • Ergonomic tiller handle buttons.

  • Operation controls can be easily accessed for left and right hand use.

  • Emergency stop switch.

Automatic Parking Brake

  • Safe operation on gradients and ramps.

  • Automatic parking brake only released when the driving switch is activated.

Battery and Charging Technology

  • Battery discharge indicator and operating hour counter.

  • Maintenance-free block batteries (gel technology) with 24V/72Ah.

  • Optional maintenance-free block batteries (AGM technology) with 24V/82Ah.

  • Integrated battery charger can be used with every standard 230V socket.