SRX 14/16

SRX 14/16

Electric Reach Truck 48 Volt

SRX 14 2,800 lbs 1400 kg at 10.500 mm

SRX 16 3,200 lbs 1600 kg at 10.500 mm

Sturdy, Reliable and Powerful Even in Tough Applications

The CLARK SRX14-16 series has been designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements. With a large number of options, including a fork camera and automatic horizontal fork positioning, you will be sure to find the right truck to meet the specific requirements of your operation.

High Capacities at High Lift Heights

  • SRX-14-16-2Robust construction and stability.

  • Nested I-sectioned mast.

  • Upright rails with I-section design have 55% greater torsional rigidity than conventional flat rails.

  • Less distortion even with lateral forces.


Improved durability and stability – even with high lift heights.

Optimum Visibility

  • Overhead guard & visibility through the upright.

  • The overhead guard safety bars run parallel to the operator’s line of vision.

  • Optimum visibility through the upright thanks to wide-spaced rails and centre cylinder rotated to side.

Upright Cushioning

  • Smooth load transport.

  • Smooth lifting and lowering thanks to integrated hydraulic damping system.

  • Smooth transitions between upright stages.

  • No loud bumps when lowering.

  • Increased component durability.

Wear-Free Support Arm Brakes

  • Increased safety in standard configuration.

  • Two maintenance-free support arm brakes assist all braking operations.

  • No service required – unlike drum brakes.

∗Compact design: the SRX series can be used to handle euro pallets in aisle widths from 2,731 mm.

Maximum Visibility + Ergonomic Operator Compartment =
High Productivity & Maximum Safety

Why Support Arm Brakes?

  • Shorter braking distance = greater safety

  • At driving speeds of up to 14 km/h in the warehouse, the ability to decelerate rapidly can be a major advantage in terms of safety and the rapid handling of goods

  • CLARK SRX reach trucks feature two electric support arm brakes

Wear-Free Electric Support Arm Brakes + Upright Cushioning =
Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) & Greater Safety



  • Extensive safety equipment.
  • Fused circuits.
  • Load wheel brakes as standard.
  • Additional assistance systems.


  • Traditional CLARK durability and reliability.
  • 100 years’ experience.
  • All components meet our high standards of quality and reliability.

Operator Compartment

  • Full-suspension comfort seat.
  • Individually adjustable for all operators.
  • Low entry height thanks to foot step (380 mm).
  • 3 adjustable drive modes (Ergonomic/ Normal/ Power).

Robust Construction

  • Solid steel chassis for maximum strength and durability.
  • Low load centre.
  • Protected support arm rollers.
  • Excellent stability and outstanding residual capacities of 1,000 kg up to 10 metreslift height.

Intuitive Operation

  • Mini-levers or mono-joystick.
  • Simultaneous control of hydraulic function.
  • Automotive pedal layout.
  • 180° or 360° steering.
  • Smallest possible turning radius or rapid change of direction.
  • Speed control when cornering.
  • Spacious compartment and excellent visibility.

Maintenance & Service

  • Maintenance-free AC technology.
  • Enclosed design (IP43).
  • Overheat protection.
  • Vehicle diagnostics via dash display.
  • All service points easily accessible.

High Performance Guaranteed

  • 100% AC system.
  • Battery capacity 465/620 or 775 Ah.

CLARK Mono-Joystick 

Maximum Throughput Rate

  • All upright functions integrated in one joystick.
  • Precise and responsive.
  • 100% proportional lifting and lowering.
  • Ergonomic armrest.
  • Best choice for maximum throughput rate.

Multi-Function Display

All Settings and Functions at a Glance

  • Clear multi-colour display.
  • 3 selectable drive modes (individually adjustable).
  • Steering angle and travel direction indicator.
  • Battery charge indicator.
  • Load weight indicator.
  • Travel speed display.


Automatic Horizontal Fork Positioning

  • Especially suited for high lift heights.
  • No need for unreliable estimates of fork tilt.

Fork Camera & Monitor

  • Improved ergonomics & throughput rate.
  • No need to look up to see goods.
  • Quicker access to high shelving units.
  • Significant reduction of operator fatigue.

 Fork Positioner

  • Easy positioning of pallet cages and different-sized loads.
  • Quicker transport of goods with different dimensions.

Lift Height Preselecto

  • Forks stop automatically at desired lift height.
  • Increased throughput rate thanks to quicker positioning.
  • Reduced damage to goods or shelving.

Automatic Side Shift Centring

  • Easy and safe handling.
  • Quicker positioning at the shelf.

Battery Compartment Sizes

  • Optimum size for every application.
  • 3 capacities to select (465/620/775 Ah).
  • Lateral battery extraction as standard.

Activation via PIN Code

  • Keyless activation via four-digit PIN.
  • Automatic shut-down setting.
  • Driving characteristics individually programmable for each PIN.

Dependable Parts = Dependable Trucks

The CLARK PartsPRO® Plus System

is our industry-leading electronic parts and service documentation tool that provides dealers with a quick and accurate method of identifying parts for every CLARK forklift built since 1961. PartsPRO® Plus ensures the availability of the most current technical information and has the unique capability to create parts manuals specific to your mixed CLARK fleet, making it simple to positively identify and order the correct part(s) from your local CLARK dealer. The right CLARK part – The First Time, Every Time.